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Bozeman's Premium Private Medical Marijuana & Cannabis Dispensary

Think Higher Caregiving is a small shop atmosphere Montana medical marijuana dispensary providing enormous amounts of care to only a few handfuls of special individuals. When producing and growing medicine, less is always more! That is the type of mentality Think Higher applies. Think Higher Caregiving does not strive to be the largest, instead we strive to be best.

Think Higher Caregiving is proud to have been operating in the Gallatin County for over 8 years. Having been through the negatives and positives of the Montana medical cannabis revolution, we are happy to be one of the few that have remained through it all.

It's YOUR medicine! We will work with you finding specific strains that will help your specific needs. Then seek the best genetic lines of those strains to ensure the most effective medicine. We offer updates and allow check-ins whenever you would like to view your designated plants!

It is our goal to help specific individuals get the best care at the absolute lowest prices. Providing a guarantee that you will never pay over $150 per oz, prior to taxes.

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Patient's Advocacy

Think Higher Caregiving strives to pin point your key needs and wants. We can assist in every step to ensure you are receiving the proper medicine for your aliment.

Pushing Ahead

Research and discoveries are often showing new improvements. We strive to provide the most cutting edge products to help you with all your medical needs.

Marijuana Awareness

The use of medical cannabis should be open to those who truly need it's medical effects. We ensure all patients are dealt with and that no one is left out.

Focused Treatments

From crones, cancer, seizures, and much more, cannabis has proven its affect. We take care of you, making sure an array of treatments are available.


Offering a wide array of products to suit you. Creating high quality medicine to meet the highest of standards!


Send us your emails or give us a call at 406-219-1818

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Hours of Operation: Monday-Saturday (9:00 AM To 10:00 PM)
Address: Four Corners, MT
Phone Number: 406-219-1818
Email Address: contact@thinkhighercaregiving.com