Think Higher Caregiving deals closely with two main medical cannabis doctors. With either, you will be dealt with in the most professional fashion. Doctor visits can fill quickly and sometimes it hard to find openings until last minute. Here we provide you with all the information needed if you decide you’d like to make your appointment without our help.  View dates for potential appointments via our calendar, which contains dates for both medical cannabis doctors who are listed below. Also, view necessary medical documents needed for your visit. Please visit the F.A.Q page or contact us if questions arise.

Alternative Wellness Montana
Alternative Wellness Montana Alternative Wellness of Montana has more than 14 years of combined experience. The expertise of the staff at Alternative Wellness assists by not only providing a quick and easy experience helping patients get their medical card recommendations and renewals in Montana but by assisting in ways to treat your personal medical condition. Alternative Wellness Montana is truly stepping up where others are not by allowing patients to book online!

Caduceus Medical Partners
Caduceus Medical Partners Dr. Michael Uphues, of Caduceus Medical Partners, has been in the medical field for over 20  years. He is devoted to applying natural remedies over any allopathic prescription. With his extensive knowledge in alternative therapies, Dr. Uphues, provides a quality, personal and deep understanding to ensure you are provided the proper treatments you need.

Cannabis Clinic Montana
Cannabis Clinic Montana  The Cannabis Clinic has been serving Montana since 2009. With experience, professionalism and a knowledgeable staff, they help guide you through every step of your doctor’s appointment.

What To Bring To Your Doctors Visit

The following pieces of information are must bring:

  • Montana ID (Drivers License or MT Non-Drivers ID)
  • Any relevant medical information – This includes: medical records, prescription bottles, x-rays, MRI results, disability paperwork and any other type of medical record that you believe will help the doctor understand your condition(s).

A quick guide to obtaining your medical records